At Last, We Found In My Own Country


It have been a very long time until realizing the real usul, tauhid and akidah. I have been searching this more than 8 years. Trigger was ilmu nafas, but since the beginning the Guru Feqah never can expelled ‘Why I am here’ and ‘Why am I alive to be a sinner’. Should be better die today than holding the whole life full of sin. Now there is a light in life real. So real.. Thank you very much Tuan Hj. Insyaallah makrifat tauhid will lasting. I am following you after saw this blog. But, cannot expect people will easily trying to understand. Since Ilmu itself own by Allah. Hopefully Allah will keep you go with this Ilmu. Insyaallah. I have been travelled so many countries. But last, found in my own country. Thank you very much. Danke.

N.Nushi | | | 23/04/2014 jam 3:25 AM


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